YSSW Rehearals

Youth Symphony of the Southwest rehearsals for the 2024-2025 season will be held in the band room at Chandler High School, 350 N. Arizona Ave, Chandler 85225 from 4:45pm to 7:00pm.  Members must be in their seats with their instruments tuned by 4:40.   Music folders and a printed handbook will be distributed at the first rehearsal.  

If you have questions, contact Samara Humber-Hughes, (803) 315-1345‬‬‬ or ysswmail@gmail.com


Each member of YSSW is expected to prepare his/her part diligently prior to each rehearsal.  Students are expected to be members in good standing of their hight school orchestra or band where applicable.


All members are expected to attend every rehearsal and to be seated by 4:40 pm for rehearsals and 6:50 pm for concerts.  Report absence prior to the rehearsal to Samara Humber-Hughes, (803) 315-1345‬‬‬ or ysswmail@gmail.com.  Excused absences include school concerts, illness and family emergencies.  


•  All electronic devices must be turned off during rehearsals.  This includes text messaging.

•  Water only in the rehearsal room.

•  No food or gum is allowed in the rehearsal room.


Music will be distributed at the first rehearsal for each concert.  At the end of each concert, music must be returned in good condition.  Any damaged or lost music will be replaced at the musician's expense.  


There will be a chair placement audition during a rehearsal prior to each concert.  Check your schedule for specific dates.  Students must be in attendance at the chair test rehearsals or be moved to the end of their section.


Wind reseating will be scheduled upon request, at the discretion of the music director.


Ladies: long-sleeved black blouse, long black skirt (must be to the ankle) or black dress slacks and shoes with black hosiery.

Gentleman: Black tuxedo with bow tie.


YSSW students are given a break mid-rehearsal for a snack and rest.  Parents are expected to take turns providing either a drink for the entire group OR a snack for the entire group.  A snack schedule will be provided to each member and an email reminder will be sent prior the prior to the date you must provide snacks.  

YSSW Online Tuition Payment

Tuition for the 2024-2025 Youth Symphony of the Southwest is $400 for string musicians playing 5 concerts and $250 for winds, brass & percussion playing 3 concerts.  The Youth Symphony of the Southwest tuition may now be paid online using PayPal or a credit card using safe, secure PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required if you are using a credit card. To pay online, complete and submit the form below then select your payment option and click Pay Now.The following payment plan is available:

String Orchestra - 5 Concerts

1 payment of $400 - due on August 12

2 payments of $203 each - due on August 12, 2024 and January 6, 2025

3 payments of $136 each - due on August 12, 2024, November 4, 2024 and January 6, 2025

Winds, Brass & Percussion - 3 Concerts

1 payment of $250 - due on November 4